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Rabbitmitten is a musical that's meant to be fun and to bring attention to believing in oneself, being kind to others, dealing effectively with bullies, and overcoming shyness.


A few songs from the show are below. Just click on play.


To help her young grandson learn the importance of believing in himself, Billy’s grandmother tells him a fantastical story that takes place right before the dawn of the Ice Age. Yoopie Rabbit, who lives by a ginormous lake called “The Big Water,” is relentlessly made fun of by his neighbors for keeping a “useless strange fuzzy red thing” that he finds in the meadow. Later, when the weather turns horrifically cold for the first time ever and all the animals are struggling to survive, Yoopie’s strange find turns out to be extremely valuable.

When the weather warms up again, in order to remember the lessons they learned during their ordeal, the animals build a reminder of gigantic proportions in the Big Water that no one will ever forget, in honor of Yoopie. In the end, Yoopie and his painfully shy counterpart, Trolletta, learn the importance of believing in themselves – as does Billy.

If your theater company, drama department, or school would like to perform Rabbitmitten, contact me for a copy of the script, the score, and the parts. Schools -- no charge. Thank you. -Alan Carriero



Story, stageplay, music, and lyrics by Alan Carriero
Musical arrangements and electronic soundtrack by Linda Missad at Lyralinda Music, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Recording engineered and mastered by Andy Mitchell at The Audio Bay, Rockford, Michigan