Children's Softcover Book in Michigan

Michiganders know and are proud of the lore surrounding "the Rabbitmitten".  If you look at a map of Michigan you've likely seen the Rabbitmitten, though not everyone initially recognizes what they are looking at. Take a look at a map and carefully notice how the lower section of Michigan looks like a mitten. Okay, now that's the easy part, next look above the mitten and what do you see? A rabbit!

And that's how Michigan - both pieces - came to be known as the Rabbitmitten. You can learn more on our page, "What Is Rabbitmitten?"


Rabbitmitten Books and Products

Here at Rabbitmitten, we are excited and passionate about expanding the idea of Rabbitmitten to a larger audience, and that's why we have developed, written, and published our children's softcover book and our children's digital book.

Join the fun and exciting characters Yoopie and Munky on their adventures in this delightful and heartwarming children's book. While this book teaches children about Rabbitmitten, it also promotes themes that encourage children to believe in themselves and learn in a fun and engaging way. Order your copy of our delightful children's softcover book through our website today and explore our online shop to learn more about Rabbitmitten products available to you.

These children's books are great for anyone of any age who is proud to live in Michigan. They're also a great option for elementary-aged schoolchildren, parents of young children, Michigan tourists, and anyone else interested in Michigan.

Our Rabbitmitten children's books and products were designed to offer people a different way of looking at the great state of Michigan. Our children's digital book is a unique story that children - especially those who live in the area - are sure to enjoy.

Explore our shop to learn more about our range of Rabbitmitten products and purchase your copy of our unique children's softcover book, or the digital version, today.