Rabbitmitten Stickers

12 1/2″ x 3 1/2″

all-weather vinyl with adhesive back…….$5.00, includes mailing

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Your choice of all-weather vinyl stickers with adhesive back:   
“Rabbitmitten, U.S.A.”   
“I Love the Rabbitmitten”   
“I Love the Rabbitmitten — MICHIGAN”   
“I Like Yoopie Rabbit”   
“We Visited the Rabbitmitten”    
“Say Ya to da Rabbitmitten, eh?”   
“Rabbitmitten, U.S.A.” bumper sticker    
“Please Don’t Phone and Drive!” bumper sticker   
Round Safe Driver sticker should be included in this list     
$5.00, includes mailing

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bumper sticker 3″H X 11″ W, Sticker 4″H x 5.5" W, Sticker 4″ H x 5 1/8″ W, Sticker 4.5″ H x 5″ W, Sticker 4″H x 5 7/8″ W, Sticker 4″H x 5.5″W, Sticker 4″H x 4.5″ W


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